Which Anti-Slip Product is Right For You?

Anti-slip products include all those products that increase friction between them and the resting surface to prevent the person using them from slipping and falling. People with motor disabilities and impaired mobility are at the highest risk of slipping and injuring themselves and almost 70% of these mishaps take place in the bathroom. Anti-slip products are the easiest and safest way to prevent any kind of accidents from slipping. They come in different variants and can be either installed or can be worn.

Different Types of Anti-Slip Products

Anti-Slip Bath Mats

Anti-slip bath mats are one of the best options for a person to use around in their bathroom. They are designed in a way that they reduce friction between the bathroom floor and themselves thus reducing the chances of the mat slipping or shifting place. Using the shower, bathtub or the toilet can be a difficult task if there is a risk of falling and injuring yourself. Abnormal gait, vertigo, impaired mobility, etc. are some of the conditions where one has to take special care in the bathroom. These bath mats are sturdy and padded enough to support the weight of the user and avoid any kind of slippage. These mats make the user independent and safe.

Benefits of Anti-Slip Bath Mats

  • A number of bath mats have mini suction cups that stick perfectly to the bathroom floor
  • Many of the mats are anti-microbial in nature to reduce any infections because of the moist environment of the bathroom
  • Some mats are made of materials that can dry up fast and can are also machine washable
  • They are made of latex as well as latex-free materials
  • Wood bath mats are also amazing options for a person who wants a sturdy material like wood. They are water-proof, anti-bacterial, and skid proof
Teakworks4u Bath Mat Drive Bath Mat Essential Medical Deluxe Bath Safety Mat
Teakworks4u Bath Mat Drive Bath Mat Essential Medical Bath Safety Mat

Anti-Slip Bath Steps

Stepping inside bathtubs or elevated shower areas can be difficult as a slight mistake in footing can result in slipping or falling and causing injuries. Bath steps are items used to assist a person while stepping in or out of such places. They are elevated single steps that have induce friction with the bathroom surface to prevent slipping. They make bath transfers easy and safe. They can sturdily support the weight of an average person and distribute the pressure equally to reduce skidding or shifting of the step.

Benefits of Anti-Slip Bath Steps

  • Sturdy and stable, can handle weight easily
  • Made of tough material that is made to last
  • They come in both leg-supported and box-supported options
  • They can be easily moved around the house for other use
  • Light-weight and easily washable
Teakworks4u Elevated Teak Shower Mat And Step Drive Portable Bath Step Jobar Bath Steps
Teakworks4u Shower Mat And Step Drive Portable Bath Step Jobar Bath Steps

Anti-Slip Socks and Shoes

According to a research study, the most slipping accidents happened when the person was walking barefoot. This is when technology stepped in and created things called anti-slip socks and shoes. Enabled with a lot of different features, the main goal of these socks and shoes was to prevent the slipping and falling. The socks have different patterns of rubber grips at the bottom thus enabling them to increase the friction. They are also made of super-comfortable material thus not compromising on the comfy factor of socks. The shoes are shaped in a specific way to be used at home with ease. They conform easily around the foot and have rubber pads or soles underneath to ensure safety.

Benefits of Anti-Slip Socks and Shoes

  • Enables with rubber pads at the bottom to ensure safety
  • Comfortable, soft, and breathable
  • Conforms around the feet easily
  • Can be washed like normal socks
  • Comes in a huge options of colors and patterns
Medline Double-Tread Slippers Cardinal Health Spunbond Polypropylene Basic Shoe Cover Which Anti-Slip Product is Right For You?
Medline Double-Tread Slippers Cardinal Health Basic Shoe Cover Posey Fall Management Slippers

Precautions To Take While Using Anti-Slip Products

  • Always make sure that the anti-slip product fits according to your needs as well as the bathroom you use
  • Anti-slip bathmats come in latex options also, so make sure none of the users have a latex allergy
  • The anti-slip bath steps come in variable height options so check what height you’d need according to your bathtub or shower area
  • There is no anti-slip product that completely guarantees that there will be no incident of slipping and hence one should still take necessary precautions like keeping areas dry, etc.
  • Alarms should always be used so if there is an incident of slipping in spite of using anti-slip products, the person is always near help

We can obviously not keep a check on a patient at all times, and the fear of them tripping or slipping is constant. Anti-slip products make them independent enough to move around without the fear of slipping.

Where to buy Anti-Slip Products online?

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