Aging is a natural process and age is just a number. Age should not stop a person from performing their routine life activities. But many a time, age becomes a hindrance in mobility and independence. Senior people often find it difficulty to get up from their place, and need assistance while walking and using toilets, and sometimes even take their baths in the bed. We at Patient Room have a variety of products for seniors that can make their lives a lot easier. By increasing the independence and dignity, these products for the elderly make the users feel more happy and confident. Shop from a wide range of aging products from top selling manufacturers like Drive Medical, Patterson, Medline, Carex Health and many more only at Patient Room!

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Some Common Products For the Elderly

  • Grab Bars: Grab bars are designed to provide sitting and standing support to people with limited mobility. They are intended for moderate vertical and horizontal load bearing. These support bars can be installed near beds, commodes, or places where sitting and standing is required.
  • Toilet Safety Supports: Toilet safety supports make using a toilet more safe and independent. Their sturdy arms provide strong support to the users and allow them to sit and stand from the commode safely without any inconvenience.
  • Shampoo Basins: Shampoo basins and rinse trays are used to give a head wash while the individual sits in a wheelchair or lies on a bed. They are very helpful for people who are bedridden or have limited mobility. Their contoured cutout fits snugly around the neck and rests the head in a comfortable position.