Foot Positioners

Foot Positioners help position the foot properly so that the pressure on the foot or ankle is reduced. They cradle the foot and ankle for gentle support and complete pressure relief. The cutouts provide proper ventilation and increased comfort while allowing for the easy inspection of the foot. Foot cradles assist in foot rotation, foot drop, or flaccid lower extremity. They help protect the bony prominences of the foot and heel and provide relief from edema, swollen legs and ankles, varicose veins or phlebitis. Shop from a wide range of such foot positioners from top-selling brands like Skil Care, Patterson Medical, Hudson Medical, etc. at discounted prices!

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What are Foot Positioners used for?

Foot positioners are used to provide the following functionalities: 

  • Safely position the patient for a wide range of medical procedures 

  • Provide support and stability required for the optimal surgical positioning 

  • Keep the leg in place throughout the procedure 

  • Aid in pressure distribution of the bony prominences during surgical procedures 

  • Provide protection for legs, knees, ankles, and heels 

  • Help maintain proper lower body alignment