Hip Abduction Pillows

Hip Abduction Pillows are used after a hip surgery to prevent the dislocation of the hip joint. They are placed between the legs of a patient to separate them and maintain proper positioning. Abductor wedges are helpful for patients with some congenital hip disorders where immobilization or post-operative positioning is required. They prevent the new hip from popping out of place. Their closure straps are soft and comfortable against the skin and help keep the positioner in place. At Patient Room, we offer a wide range of hip abduction pillows from top-selling brands like Span America, Deroyal, Hudson Medical, etc. @ discounted prices!


How do Hip Abduction Pillows help?

  • Provide maximum patient comfort 

  • Prevent the dislocation of the hip joint 

  • Protect the bony prominences from the risk of pressure sores 

  • Improve the functionality of the hip joint 

  • Decrease intake of anti-inflammatory medications 

  • Help reduce trauma in post-surgical hip procedures 

  • Keep the hip straight even when the user is asleep 

  • Prevent the hip from turning in or away from the body 

  • Hold the hip in one position and help it heal 

  • Help reduce pain symptoms

How to position a Hip Abduction Wedge?

General instructions for placing a hip abduction pillow are as follows:
  • Lie down flat on a bed. 

  • Place the abductor wedge between your thighs. 

  • The hip positioner should touch each of your leg from the thighs to the ankles. 

  • Legs should fit on the sides of the hip pillow. 

  • Wrap the straps around your legs so that the pillow is positioned properly. 

  • Tighten the straps to prevent the positioner from moving outwards.