Knee Positioners

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Knee Positioners are used to keep the legs in a comfortable position while recovering from the surgery, especially lower body procedures. They help promote better blood circulation and relieve tension in the lower back. Pressure is taken off the sore knees, which helps reduce the extension related knee pain. Numbness and swelling in the knees may also be reduced. Shop a wide range of knee positioners from the top-selling brands like Span America, Hermell Products, Hudson Medical, etc. and avail great discounts!

How are Knee Positioners helpful?

  • Facilitates optimal surgical positioning of the knees 
  • Provides support, stability, and protection for knees and legs 
  • Assists in pressure distribution of the lower body during a surgical procedure 
  • Helps in maintaining the proper lower body alignment 
  • Contoured shape of these leg positioners provides excellent protection 
  • Holds the lower extremity in place so that the surgeon can direct his time and skills to the surgery 
  • Also allows for knee and hip flexion