For a quick and effective recovery, use of proper post surgery supplies isimperative. Since surgery is an exhausting process, it is important that the recovery process stays comfortable. Post surgery equipment help in creating a safe and comfortable environment for effective recovery. Products like raised toilet seats, grab bars, and shower chairs make everyday activities easy to ensure that no extra stress or strain is given to the body. Patient positioners help in positioning the user in the required position that is recommended for faster healing. At Patient Room, we offer a wide range of post op supplies that will help you get back to your routine life as soon as possible. Choose these products from our top selling brands like Drive, Medline, Patterson, Essential and many more @ Patient Room.

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Commonly Used Post Surgery Supplies

  • Grab Bars - Grab bars help the users in easily getting in and out of a bathtub. Their support prevents any kind of stress on the body and does not hamper the recovery process.
  • Shower Chairs - Shower chairs are specially helpful for people who have undergone a hip or knee surgery and who cannot stand for long periods of time. Shower chairs help such people to rest their painful, recovering joints while taking showers.
  • Raised Toilet Seats - Raised toilet seat make it easier for the users to use a commode. They prevent over extension while sitting and standing up from a commode.
  • Patient Positioners - Patient positioners help the users in positioning their body parts at a perfect angle. They make sleeping and rest time comfortable and apt for a quick recovery.