Bariatric Commodes

A wider and stronger frame, tough legs, and a comfortable back rest are the characteristic of the perfect bariatric commode. The need to aid bariatric patients with the weight appropriate and strong bathroom safety aid has led to designing of the best bariatric commodes. They are strong and powerfully built, with additional features such as support handles, wide seats, and a smaller height. The small height aids the patient to avoid bending down or climbing over the chair. They seat is comfortable and the material used is water resistant. The seat doesn’t irritate the skin and is safe to use. Some heavy duty commodes feature a drop handle feature that allows easy transfer of the patient from the wheelchair or bed directly on to the commode. Some have wheels to enable the caregiver to move the commode easily.

At Patient Room we understand this need and offer a wide range of bariatric commodes from top selling brands such as Tubular, Drive Medical, Convaquip, etc.